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For School Children

One of my friends is an elementary school teacher,
and he asked me working on this illustration for his students.
This illustration will be put on the wall in his class room so many students can enjoy.

Praying for Japanese Chidren

This is my newest illustration that I did for praying
all children who are now in sadness in Japan
smile and play with their friends in happiness someday.
The flower you can see in this work is a rhododendron,a flower of Fukushima prefecture.
You can buy a printed one of this illustration at Ayuwara Company.
A part of the proceeds will be donated to Japan Red Cross Society. Ayuwara Company

New Illustrations for Textbooks!

  I did some illustrations for textbooks that children use for practicing Kanji.
To see more newest illustrations, please go to "For Kids' Books"page
by clicking the icon of a girl in a red blouse on the menu.

The Book is Published!

  On August 10th, 2010, the book I did some illustrations for
was finally published from Gin-no-Suzu Co.,Ltd.
The story is about Ujo Noguchi who made many lyrics for old children's songs.

The Painting for Summer


The Painting for Spring

Here is a painting I did for a hospial in Yokohama.

Illustrations for Textbooks

  Now you can see my newest illustration works I did for text books.
Please go to "For Kids' Books"page by clicking the icon of a girl in a red blouse on the menu.

Happy New Year!

This illustration is for a new year's card I sent to people.

Paintings in Fall and Winter 2009

Winter (in acrylic)

Maple Trees(in acrylic)

My Paintings is on Sale

You can get my paintings at this online store below.

Thank you for coming to my exhibition!

In June, 2009, I exhibited my illustrations at Mireya Gallery, Ginza.
I was so happy that so many friends came to see me and enjoyed my works.

New Paintings in Summer 2009

At the Sea Side (in acrylic)

Summer Garden(in acrylic)

New Paintings in Spring,2009

Under the Sakura Tree(in watercolor)

Flower Gerden (in acylic) 364mmx515mm

New Paintings in Fall and Winter,2008

The Street Scene in Winter(in watercolor)

Christmas Gift (in acyric)

The Last Stop(in acrylic)

Digital Illustrations for mobile phones

These are illustrations I did for one of Japanese major mobile phone companies.
When you email people with your mobile phone, you can attach these illustrations to your email,
and then they will move as flash animations.

Illustrations for School Kids(2007)

My friend is a teacher, and he asks me to paint for his students every year.
These are the illustrations I did this time. Please click each image to see bigger ones.

Paintings for the Exhibition


In June, 2008, I exhibited some of my water color works at a small gallery in Kayabacho, Tokyo.
I was so glad so many people came to see me and gave me lots of good comment on my illustrations.

Let's Go Home

This illustration is for a song named, Ouchi e Kaerou(Let's Go Home), that became the best hit song
Daisuke Sakurai(one of Japanese young singer song writer)made in 2007.

My Latest Works

This illustration is for Japanese famous FM radio station's New Year's card. 
I put some mice there because 2008 is a year of mouse in Chinese zodiac.

For The FM Radio Station, NACK5

This one is also for the FM radio station I did a New Year's card for.
It was used for the station's web site and a pamphlet.

YouthCaN Japan

This poster is for a NGO organization, YouthCaN Japan.
The organization is helping children in developing countries
by sending educational picture cards, called kamishibai*
My Kamishibai was sent to Africa, and taught African children how to protect nature and animals.

*Kamishibai is a kind of a children's book.
However each picture is printed on a big card, and texts are on its back side.
A person shows each picture to a group of children while he or she read a story to them.
→YouthCan Japan


This one is also a published kamishibai(from a publisher, Flontieer2000).
I did four of them including, Esugata Nyoubou(my wife in a picture,Japanese folk tale),
Sleeping Beauty, Snow Queen, and Happy Prince.

Illustrations for School Kids

My friend is teaching at school, and he asked me to illustrate for children there.
The children sent me letters later and said they liked my works.
That was one of my precious memories. You can click and see the works.

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