I was born in Tokyo in 1981, and started my career as an illustrator in 2005
after I graduated from Academy of Art University in San Francisco,USA.

I mainly paint for text books for children thesedays.
Many of my clients are text book publishers
such as Koubunshoin, Nihon Bunkyou syuppan, and Nippon Hyojun.
(These are one of the biggest text book publishers in Japan)

Other than that, some of my paintings are exhibited at hospitals and restaurants.
Also, I did some illustrations for Short Stories of Lisa M. Tan(authorhouse) in USA.

Natsu Sakamichi is a new pen name I started to use in 2009.
Natsu is my real nick name, and Sakamichi means "a steep path".
I saw many of those paths in San Francisco, my second hometown, so I took the word from the city.
My old pen name was "Pumushi", so you'll see that name on some of my old works.

2004,Character designs and visual development illustrations entered AAU Spring Show.
2005,Children's book ilustration and a layout design entered AAU Spring Show.
2007,I received the second award at comic essay illustration competition held by Japanese publisher, Mediafactory.