Illustrations for Text Books

For Kanji Training Textbook(by Koubun Syoin)

I made these illustrationscolorful and fun as much as I can
so children can learn Kanji pleasantly.

For Kanji Training Textbook(by Bunri)

Ethical Training Book (by Koubun Syoin)

This story is about Den Inoue, who invented traditional Japanese textile, Kurume Kasuri.

Ethical Training Book (by Nihon Bunkyo Syuppan)

I illustrated for about 10 short stories for this text book.

Ethical Training Book (by Shingakusya)

These are two colored illustrations. I use only black and blue/red. It was fun!

English Text Book(by Nippon Hyojun)

In 2010, English class will be required for all elementary school children.
Some of these illustrations will be printed on small cards,
and children use them for English training games.


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